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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get help with manufacturing my product?

If you already have a product in production, and would like to see if we can help you manufacture it, the best way to start is to send us a photo of your product. If you need us to sign a non-disclosure agreement first, we do that often. If you do not have a non-disclosure agreement, we can provide one. Please email us to begin this process.

What are your minimum orders?

We would like to start with an initial production run of 250 - 500 pieces. Anything less than this will be considered on an individual basis, and many factors go into whether or not we will proceed with a smaller order, such as current production needs, difficulty of producing the product, the potential for more orders, etc.

How do I get a price quote for manufacturing my product?

We will not provide a price quote just by looking at a product or a photo of one. We need to actually make the product first by doing a sample run of it. As long as we have been manufacturing different products through the years we are still surprised sometimes how long it can take to actually produce an item for the first time. Providing "guesses" on price quotes does nothing but cause problems if we aren’t in line with the initial estimate.

I would like to get an accurate price quote by doing a sample run of my product. How do I do this?

We will be glad to provide a price quote on your product by producing a sample run of it. We ask that our customers provide enough materials to make 10-12 samples. The only items that we provide are black and white thread. All other supplies must be provided to us by the customer. From the sample run, we are able to do a time study and provide our customers with an accurate price quote.

Is there a cost for a sample run?

There is a cost for a sample run, and depending on the product, and whether or not customers can provide a pattern, sample, specs, and other information needed to manufacture that product will determine the cost. The more information that you can provide to us about your product cuts down on our time in product development. Once we have completed the sample run, and determined an accurate price quote, the customer is charged that price for each sample they receive, along with shipping costs, and depending on time spent in our product development department, the customer may be charged a product development fee. This fee will be determined by BJ Con-Sew and factors such as the potential for upcoming orders and the amount of time spent with a product will be taken into consideration. On average, product development fees are anywhere from $200.00 - $300.00.

I have a new product and need help getting samples produced for marketing purposes. Can you help with this?

We are currently downsizing our product development department and are no longer producing samples from "scratch." If you are an entrepreneur with a new product, PLEASE continue to look for a company in the USA that specifically helps with new products, new patterns & new product development, as there are several out there. We recommend searching manufacturers on,, or

Does your company source materials for my product?

Our staff is able to help customers with sourcing materials, but we do not purchase the materials to manufacture a product normally. Most of our customers purchase their materials, and ship those to us for the manufacturing process. We will provide black and white thread, but if a specific color match thread is needed for a product, our customers provide those too. Our customers are able to save costs by purchasing their own materials, and they have better control of inventory in this way. However, for us to consider providing materials other than black and white thread for a product, it will be based on the product and quantity to be ordered. Our staff is able to help customers find companies that provide specific items, such as fabrics, trims, elastic, etc. We also recommend that customers search for sources on,, or

May we visit your facility?

Of course! We welcome visits to our facility where customers are able to tour the manufacturing floor and the various processes, from cutting, sewing, inspection to shipping. It is also a good way to be introduced to the people that will handle your products from each department. If you would like to visit our facility, please email us to set up a day and time.